10 October 2010

Watch This Space

Last week I realized I hadn't posted for almost a month. The truth is that it's been a busy time, with observing and serving the end of life process of a friend's mother, with a new year of medical education ramping up, and with [finally - thank the Spirit] temperatures easing down so that outdoor activity is again possible rather than simply suicidal.
The whole truth is that what's been going on in my life, what I've been choosing to put time and energy into, has been strongly triggering loads of unfinished business. Times like these, at least in the past, haven't allowed much energy or brain power for either writing or sharing - this one seems to be running along parallel lines. It's nothing but the truth to say that, while I know this will pass, and I'll be back to attempting to run, or at least comment on the world - to giving you my opinion, whether you want it or not - for now it seems the requirement is for an inside job.
So - I can't say when I'll post again - but - in the spirit of autumn, of dying and rest and the sleep of long cold nights soon to be with us - I have faith that a time of the juicy sap of life slowing down is just what is needed.
Unusual for me - I offer the ultimate sign of hope - WATCH THIS SPACE!

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